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My passion for small to medium sized business can be traced back over 30 years. I’ve always been enthusiastic about the stories of business owners chasing their dreams. I find their passion contagious. While many owners began their journey out of an enthusiasm for their products, services, or often clients, I still find it amazing how many “accidental entrepreneurs” there are with hidden talents for business greatness that just need some help to be developed.

I began as a door-to-door book salesman and there learned  the fundamentals of sales, money management, recruiting, training and self-management that I rely on today. Those skills apply to many facets of business. When I began my first company in my mid 20’s I learned to develop my perspective of process management and workflow design. I then applied it to departments in business that most people don’t think to do. Developing repeatable and sustainable marketing and sales processes(among others) propelled my first business to achieve an attractive valuation and upstream business acquiring partners.

Five businesses later and four negotiated buyouts have provided a platform of business scaling success that I never planned at the beginning of my career. There was so much I didn’t know.  I am grateful to my own teachers and mentors for providing the learning and growth that enabled my success. Their gift inspires me to help others as they did with me.

In my first business, I found it hard to get the help I needed because I didn’t know what I didn’t know. I was lost when it came to understanding how accountants and bankers talked about money – they used a different language than us business owners. I recall the frustration of trying to expand. I found myself in a cycle of growing the business in one area only to shrink or lose ground in others– Because of this, I considered capping my business size at 25 employees.  I couldn’t figure out how to grow beyond that. I spent so much money and time on trial and error that I felt embarrassed and figured maybe I wasn’t as smart as other business owners. The truth is I needed a business coach. Unfortunately, there wasn’t such a thing back then–not like today.

One of the accidental high points of my entrepreneurial endeavors was being awarded the prestigious Metro Top 50 award for having one of the fasting growth profitable businesses in the Oklahoma City metropolitan area. Unbeknownst to me, one of our banking partners with access to our financials recognized how successful my company had become and nominated it for consideration. Being  awarded such an honor was a fantastic surprise and was one of the motivators to take the business approach I’d developed there and use it to help others.

Your business is a reflection of your dreams and passions. Business is personal. That’s why helping others reach their potential is so gratifying for me as a business growth specialist. I love guiding business owners through the process of developing strategies, analyzing motivations, and evolving methods. Regardless if their goal is to grow their business into a sustainable lifestyle business that can run highly systematized or if they want to take  their enterprise to the next level, I can help.

Through my process, business owners often  get excited about the parts of business they’ve been avoiding or didn’t understand. Sometimes, those parts they dislike or avoid are simply misunderstood. By putting all the gears in place and learning how they work together, the goals that seemed out of reach suddenly reveal the keys to success.

Reach out to me! I’d love to discuss your business plans and see if we are a good match to build it together.

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  2. Sales is Impossible – Buying is Unstoppable!
  3. Business Success depends upon your P.O.V.
  4. Your VPM is Your Business Decision Yardstick


Chris McIntire is an Oklahoma City native. He moved away for college, but soon returned to his roots, establishing his first business here in 1995. 

Over the years, he has built businesses in the Dallas and Chicago areas, but Oklahoma City called him home in 2008, and he’s been thriving here ever since. Chris loves Oklahoma City for all its growth, diversity, and potential and is happy to call this state his home.

He is the proud father of five (four of them teenagers!) and lives in Edmond with his beautiful wife of twenty years. He leads a men’s church group and is currently on the board of an Oklahoma non-profit. He’s an avid fan of the Oklahoma Thunder, a sportsman and goes fly-fishing as often as his schedule will allow.

Business Coach

Chris is an International Business Trainer coaching on solid and sound business fundamentals wherever he trains or speaks.  He knows how to reach business owners where they are because he’s been there too. Your frustrations were once his, but you’ll have one advantage he never did: someone to mentor and advise every step of the way.

Chris has been recognized as a true leader and a great coach. He helps clients focus on what matters by sorting out the urgent, the important, and what can or should be left behind. Every client is different, but there are a core set of principles that he can help any small or medium sized business owner apply to their specific industry and model. He won’t just point out what needs to be fixed, but also aids in identifying what a business owner is already doing right, allowing them to build on strengths they may not realize they had.

If you want to talk to Chris and find out if his techniques and experience can help you and your business, contact him today to set up an evaluation meeting and to talk about potential next steps.

People 7th Gear Coaching

  • We have hired several business “experts” over the years in hopes that they could help us navigate our way as our company continued to grow and most, if not all, were disappointments. Working with Chris @ 7th Gear Coaching has been a turning point for our company. His authentic and humble approach to coaching us, combined with his real-world experience and business successes has changed our perception of how to manage and grow our company.

    The results have been positive and immediate, and I would recommend him to any business owner interested in taking their company to the next level.

    Caleb Curry
    CEO of Radial Engines Ltd
  • I’ve hired other consultants in the past based upon impressive resumes but Chris @ 7th Gear Coaching is the real deal. He’s actually built businesses from the ground up to sale event multiple times. He’s actually lived it and done it successfully – not just gone to a seminar and gotten a certification. Working with Chris has helped me to realize I’m not alone in business which is very encouraging. The way Chris explains how to apply business fundamentals in my specific industry and business makes it so much easier for me to see how to do it also. If you get the chance to work with 7th Gear Coaching.

    I highly recommend them and Chris McIntire specifically. #realbusinesscoach

    Jim Scheihing
    Founder & CEO
  • When recommending any type of business coaching I tell people to look at one thing first, PROVEN SUCCESS IN BUSINESS.

    Chris and 7th Gear have a proven track record of success and are sharing first hand knowledge of what it takes to be successful in today’s business climate. He not only has successful history, but also the drive and acumen to push others to success. This combination is very rare in business coaching.

    I highly recommend him and his company.

    Ron Griffin
    Executive Director, Shepherd's Fold Ranch
  • Chris is a different kind of coach compared to most of the consultants out there. I knew it from the first few minutes on the phone with him. A lot of business consultants know ABOUT business, but Chris KNOWS business. That distinction is so critical for most of us business owners who need someone that understands the personal side of building a business based on your passion. It’s so much more than just the X’s and O’s of strategy that anybody can learn from a book, which is what almost everybody else teaches. Chris is the only one I’ve met with extreme competency on both ends of the spectrum. He made a massive difference for me personally in just our first call. He’s brilliant and I think he can help anybody save, clean up, or scale their business beyond their current blind spots.

    Sean Smith
    Founder of Elite Success Systems