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The 7 Gears of Business: The Key to Success: A Journey

Richard Wright is an extremely successful business leader of Wright Corporation and has been for decades. Success luckily seems to always find Richard, at least to the casual observer. Richard learns he is running out of time-he only has the afternoon to pass along a lifetime of business experience to his son, Jacob. “Jake, I never told you the story of how I learned to achieve success both in life and in business. The key is now in your hands. Love, Dad.” The envelope has a curious address and contains an ancient and ornate key that Jacob has never seen before. Follow Jacob Wright as he encounters both deceptions and truths on his journey to fill the shoes of the most successful businessmen he has ever known. His father’s last words take him on a crash course of 7 lessons he must learn to save the business his father built.As an Entrepreneur, there are 7 distinct arenas “gears” you must master for your business to be part of the 9% that not only survive but SUCCEED!

People 7th Gear Coaching

“I have read a lot of business books, but this is the first one that was truly enjoyable to read. The writer has a unique story-telling ability that draws you in to the book before the true learning starts. I am an experienced business woman, but new to business ownership. This book caused me to question some of my own approaches I had previously felt confident in. Without telling you too much of the book, it is a must-read for any business owner or manager and the best part is you will actually enjoy it when you read it!”

“I identified so much with Jacob and his team as well as his struggle with his father, trying to implement technology in a technological deficient place. This story has given me a reframing and is making me re-evaluate my Vision Purpose and Mission as well as each one of the gears. We don’t have enough systems in place and thanks to this wonderful story by Chris, it’s evident what I need to change. Thank you so much for the non-how-to business book. It’s energized me for the next chapter of my business.”