The 7th Gear is the Central Hub of our
Business Model and what we emphasize
the MOST. It represents YOU as the
Business Owner - Serving and Equipping
YOU is the focus of all of our efforts.

Business Coaching

Business Consulting and Coaching OKC and Edmond

A critical component of business growth
is COLLABORATION. As business owners,
we always have blind spots that usually
become the problems inside our companies.
We'll help you see the issues from the outside
and support you fixing them from the inside.

Business Coaching

7th Gear Business Model

Your business should be a reflection of your
values, goals and dreams. If you have an
opportunity to grow or a challenge that
is holding you back, I’d love to help you
take your business to the next level.”

Business Coaching

7 Gears Business Model

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Business Consultant and Coach OKC and Edmond

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7 Steps to Business Success with Chris McIntire

I’m excited to share my conversation with Chris McIntire because he is a true veteran to entrepreneurship. Having built and sold 4 businesses, he has identified the core principles that all business owners will eventually need to master to build a profitable and sustainable company. He calls them the 7 Gears and we are going to break down each one in today’s episode. As a special treat, you can visit his website and take a quick quiz that will assess where your business is on each gear and how you can improve.

Top 50 Most Profitable Year Over Year Private Company
Henderson Training Institute
2019 I.G.N.I.T.E. Coaching Certification
2019-2020 Results Coaching Certification
Member Forbes Coaches Council

I’ve hired other consultants in the past based upon impressive resumes but Chris @ 7th Gear Coaching is the real deal. He’s actually built businesses from the ground up to sale event multiple times. He’s actually lived it and done it successfully – not just gone to a seminar and gotten a certification. Working with Chris has helped me to realize I’m not alone in business which is very encouraging. The way Chris explains how to apply business fundamentals in my specific industry and business makes it so much easier for me to see how to do it also. If you get the chance to work with 7th Gear Coaching.

I highly recommend them and Chris McIntire specifically. #realbusinesscoach

Jim Scheihing - Founder & CEOJim Scheihing - Founder & CEO

Chris is a different kind of coach compared to most of the consultants out there. I knew it from the first few minutes on the phone with him. A lot of business consultants know ABOUT business, but Chris KNOWS business. That distinction is so critical for most of us business owners who need someone that understands the personal side of building a business based on your passion. It’s so much more than just the X’s and O’s of strategy that anybody can learn from a book, which is what almost everybody else teaches. Chris is the only one I’ve met with extreme competency on both ends of the spectrum. He made a massive difference for me personally in just our first call. He’s brilliant and I think he can help anybody save, clean up, or scale their business beyond their current blind spots.

Sean Smith - Founder of Elite Success SystemsSean Smith - Founder of Elite Success Systems

We have hired several business “experts” over the years in hopes that they could help us navigate our way as our company continued to grow and most, if not all, were disappointments. Working with Chris @ 7th Gear Coaching has been a turning point for our company. His authentic and humble approach to coaching us, combined with his real-world experience and business successes has changed our perception of how to manage and grow our company.

The results have been positive and immediate, and I would recommend him to any business owner interested in taking their company to the next level.

Caleb Curry - CEO of Radial Engines LCaleb Curry - CEO of Radial Engines Ltd

When recommending any type of business coaching I tell people to look at one thing first, PROVEN SUCCESS IN BUSINESS.

Chris and 7th Gear have a proven track record of success and are sharing first hand knowledge of what it takes to be successful in today’s business climate. He not only has successful history, but also the drive and acumen to push others to success. This combination is very rare in business coaching.

I highly recommend him and his company.

Ron Griffin - Executive Director, Shepherd's Fold RanchRon Griffin - Executive Director, Shepherd's Fold Ranch

Who is Chris?

Chris Mcintire

Chris McIntire

Founder at 7th Gear Coaching

Chris McIntire is an experienced business owner and serial entrepreneur dedicated to helping you build all 7 Gears of your business! 7th Gear Coaching is based on Chris’ philosophy that Business is Personal. Our business model revolves around the 7th Gear, which is you as the entrepreneur! Chris is a sought-after business speaker, business coach, operations consultant, process designer, and an authentic and articulate business and sales trainer. Chris has that rare blend of operational talent, sales vision and serial entrepreneurial experience that he uses to help business owners like you succeed.

Personal note from Chris: When working with clients, our meetings are about how to “do” business successfully. I focus on substance and getting to the heart of the matter rather than trendy concepts. That works better and faster without either of us feeling like we have to put on a show. Creating and growing a successful business is challenging and takes time to create real value for scale or for sale. I am confident in my ability to help over 90% of business owners who are stuck with a business frustration or want to take the next step to grow their business.

And I have the integrity to tell a business owner if I am not the best Business Coach for their needs.

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