So here’s the secret sauce….

The path to a more successful business outcome runs through a more successful business owner.

That’s why: The 7th Gear.

In order for us to build up we have to go down first. We have to build out the foundation of your skyscraper before we build the 2nd floor. In order for tall structures to stand up to weather, wind, and even earthquakes, the key is the depth and breadth of the foundation. Some skyscrapers have foundations that are over 275 feet deep. (that’s the equivalent of 27 floors DOWN).

As all well-built structures have a good foundation, so do all businesses have a good conceptual foundation also. Here’s some comments that I hear often from Business Owners in our initial consultation(s):

  • “We’ve not been able to grow our business for the last several years and it’s been frustrating.”
  • “We have persistent cash-flow problems and we don’t have the money to grow like I’d like to.”
  • “These dang Millennials, they don’t think like we think and we have difficulty finding the right hires.”
  • When we hire people, we have a hard time keeping them. If they would stay, I think we could really get somewhere.”I feel stuck in my business. Every day is a whirlwind, and I don’t know where the time goes. There are so many problems and issues that need my attention that I get exhausted. Even when I go home after work,  I’m so tired! My family needs me to show up for them, and sometimes I just can’t do it. I wind up feeling like I can’t win at work and I can’t win at home.”
  • “My spouse and I work together, and it’s a lot more stressful than I thought it could be. Maybe one of us needs to quit to save our business and our marriage.”
  • “Running this business  isn’t fun anymore.”

The themes of these complaints illustrate that it all starts (and ends) with you. Business owners are great at describing the symptoms of the problem but rarely do they zero in on the source. The issues that cause stress, poor cash flow, family problems, and overwhelming busyness are foundational problems.

Because the typical business owners were so busy and excited when they began, they too often don’t spend time building and excavating out for the foundations. So that’s almost inevitably where we start.

What are the VPM(Vision, Purpose, Mission) “Identity Statements” that form the foundations of the business? These are questions I can ask, but not answers I can give. Only you as the business owner can do this foundational work. I can guide you to seeing where things have gone wrong, but believe it or not, you already know the answers. My job is to uncover those answers and change your perspective.

What is the difference between a Vision, Purpose and Mission Statement? They sound so similar it can be confusing, and the Internet doesn’t help much. An experienced business coach can help you take the time needed to dig deep and set the pillars of a strong foundation in place to support real and long-term business growth and success.

I can help you craft these foundational statements to the business yardstick. This will define what decisions you want and need to make to grow your business in alignment with your goals, values, and sense of fulfillment. This process clarifies directions and decisions that you both should make and, often more valuably, decisions you should not make or directions to avoid. In most businesses, there are an abundance of choices. Knowing what to say “no” to is often more helpful than anything else.

7th Gear Coaching