27 AprThe Set Up (3 of 3)

(Post 10 in the Sales Series) In the last post, I listed out the three points of progress accomplished in a…

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Edmond Business Coach

20 AprThe Set Up (2 of 3)

(Post 9 in the Sales Series) Breaking apart the components of the Set Up makes it easier to learn. Here are…

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13 AprThe Set Up (1 of 3)

(Part 8 in the Sales Series) At the end of the series, I’ll introduce a mnemonic that can help you train…

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Business Coach

30 MarThe Sales Approach

(Part 6 in a series) The first step of engaging the potential client is how you introduce yourself to them. It’s…

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The 7 Gears of Sales

23 MarThe Actual 7

(Part 5 in the Sales Series) In the last post- Buying Vs. Selling– I explained how there is a linear process…

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Sell Buy

16 MarBuying Vs. Selling

(Post 4 in the Sales Series) In the last article “Atomic Level Sales” you learned that I didn’t believe in Sales…

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09 MarAtomic Level Sales

(Post 3 in the Sales Series) The last article was called “Nobody Sells Anything” . I threw down the gauntlet that…

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02 MarNobody Sells Anything

(Post 2 in the Sales Series) The first article laying out general categories of sales as we know them. This article…

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23 FebThe 7 Gears of Sales

(Post 1 in a series) First, let’s begin with establishing that there are three broad categories of Sales. I would argue…

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16 FebHow to Decide

I’m a Business Coach in Oklahoma City with clients across the United States. Therefore, a lot of questions come my way….

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