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The first step of engaging the potential client is how you introduce yourself to them. It’s very much worth mentioning that each and every step of the “sale” is based upon each and every step of Buying Psychology.

It’s also worth remembering a few principles of buying:

    1.   People think 7 times faster than we can speak
    2.   People love to buy but hate to be sold
    3.   Frustrated or confused clients never buy

Since we are all buyers ourselves, let’s begin with what goes through our minds when we see someone walking up to us. We think very simply, quickly, and repeatedly; “Who is this and what do they want?”.

Our mind is on a quick loop thinking very fast things like “Who? What? Why?” While I would not say it is a panic emotion, it is an urgent question that must be answered before we engage further with the client. If we do not answer these questions quickly, we risk violating Principle 3 above.

This second gear of the Sales Process is brief but important to get right. Also, remember that 80% of communication is nonverbal so it’s worth lining up those things.

How are you dressed? This is important because it is about your client and not your own comfort. If you are overdressed, that can be intimidating to the client. If you are underdressed, that can lead the prospect to not take you seriously.

Facial hair and overall grooming. Your goal is to resonate well with the clients that you meet so if you are considered quite the hipster amongst your friends but your clientele comes from a different walk or generation of life that doesn’t appreciate or understand your style, realize that is going to confuse the clients and make it harder for them to hear you, feel comfortable with you and ultimately trust you.

If you are in the profession of sales, and you want to maximize your success; how you present yourself is all about what the clients feel most comfortable with vs. your preferences and style. When you are going out with friends that already know, like, and accept you – wear what you want, but this is your career, business success, and income we are talking about.

It should go without saying, but it doesn’t unfortunately, check your breath, brush your teeth and your hair – you want to look steady, professional, and friendly.

As you physically approach your prospect, display a genuine smile, look them in the eye and shake their hand while introducing yourself. Tell them who you are and why you are here. This isn’t the time for the presentation. You can simply say, “Hello, I’m Chris McIntire and I wanted to meet Suzanne, is that you?” (always better to know their name first) Then mention who you are with and add a little humor. “I’m that fella with (company x), I’m supposed to introduce myself to all the owners in the area, how are you today?”

A successful Approach answers the immediate questions in the prospect’s mind in a friendly and welcoming way.

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